EPP Primer

EPP Primer: Starter Supplies

One of the best things about EPP is that you can begin with relatively few supplies. If you have paper, fabric, a needle, and thread you can begin. Here are a few of my absolute favorite supplies that I have adopted as part of my EPP toolbox.

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EPP Primer: Basting

In EPP, basting is used to temporarily hold the fabric to the papers as the fabric is stitched together. The two most common ways of accomplishing the basting step in EPP utilize thread or glue. Let’s have a look at both.

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EPP Primer: Stitching

The stitching is probably my favorite part of EPP. It is rhythmic and mindless, yet you have something beautiful to show for your effort and time. I hope that as you begin to assimilate EPP into your canon of sewing that you also begin to experience the beauty, and even magic, of stitching.

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EPP Pro: Keeping Track of It All

Before we conclude the EPP Pro series, I want to say a word about keeping track of it all. I learned fairly early on that it helps me tremendously to have a system for keeping track of not only my supplies, but also my projects and my progress.

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EPP Pro: Stitching with Style

I love the hand stitched character of my EPP quilts. As such, I have discovered a few tips and tricks that cleverly camouflage the stitches from afar, but that still clearly credit the hand stitching up close.

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EPP Pro: Basting with Brilliance

Bulk basting is probably my new favorite skill in my EPP repertoire. It took me about three years of doing EPP to realize the delight of engaging in this time saving process, and now I just can’t stop!

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EPP Pro: Streamlining Your Supplies

One of the best parts about EPP is that you can begin with relatively few supplies. However, there are several additional supplies that can make the process more efficient. This post is devoted to those EPP supplies.

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EPP Pro: Finding Time to Sew

I have heard it said about EPP so many times, “I’d love to try it, but I just don’t have the time.” Time is a precious commodity in our fast-paced lives. In this post, I’d like to invite us to reconsider how we utilize the time we do have.

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