Giving you permission to cultivate the joy and healing of creativity, one stitch at a time.

Hi! I'm Lisa.

I’m so glad you’re here. I created this space because all too often I’ve felt the overwhelm of everything being just too much. If you’re in one of those seasons when life feels like a 1,000 mile uphill journey and you thought you signed up for a walk around the block, you’re not alone. I hope this space can be like a warm quilt wrapped around you, where you can find a little bit of permission to sink into the joy and healing of creativity, one stitch at a time…


What I’ve Learned While Stuck in Malawi

We have been “stuck” in Malawi due to COVID-19. There has been plenty to reflect on over the past few months. We have had several new experiences, as well as a few moments of reckoning with reality. Here are a few takeaways.

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A Two Cent Quilt Story

This quilt came to life as I mulled over this woman’s two cents in my heart. She didn’t compare herself to others or shrink back with insecurity.

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Christmas in July: A Quilt Lesson

While I’ve always chuckled at the idea of “Christmas in July,” it feels like a strange mash up from where I sit. I’m enjoying all the cozy “hygge” things like hot tea and sweater weather, but at the wrong time of year, at least in my experience.

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