Hi, and welcome to Stitching the Journey! I’m Lisa and thank you so much for stopping by. I live in Malawi with my husband and best friend, Matt, and Malawi is where my stitching journey began. It feels entirely appropriate that this little blog would find its inception here, too.

There will be plenty of stitching with a bit of soul food to fuel you along on your life journey. My hope is that the content you find here would be genuine and soulful, spark your own creativity, and leave you with a deeper sense of personal wholeness.

Stitching has become such an integral form of self-care as I’ve processed through my own life journey. The culture shock of third world missions, the tumult of transitions outside of my control, seasons of depression and anxiety, and the plain old monotony of the work force grind.

Whatever your situation might be today, I’d like to encourage you to take it one step at a time.

With any textile art the final product is typically a compilation of stitches, quite literally taken one at a time. This simple observation has been so life-giving to me as I’ve faced situations I truly didn’t know how I would make it through.

I hope if you hang out here for a while, you’ll start to see the simple mindfulness in taking this journey called life one thing, one stitch, one step at a time.

And, if you click the “Let’s Stitch the Journey Together” button at the bottom of this page to follow along, I’ll share a free printable designed by me as a little thank you and a simple reminder to “just keep stitching” your way through whatever circumstance you might find yourself in today.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here, and I can’t wait to walk along side you as we just keep stitching our way through the journey together.

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  1. Hi Lisa, so happy for this and the amazing journey you’ve been on and will continue to go on.

    1. Oh thank you, Adelyn! You’ve been such an encouragement over the years, and I don’t take that lightly! 🙂

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